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Mein Freund Otto, das Blaue Wunder und ich (Gerstenberg Verlag)

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Artikelnummer: 9783836961370
Autor/Verlag: Lambeck, Silke

[Illustration: Jung, Barbara]
232 Seiten
durchgehend illustriert
von 2022
Our Summer is Not Swimming!At eight in the morning, the air is already warm and sweet-smelling. Matti is finally allowed to go barefoot, and it's clear that summer is here! There's nothing better than going to the pool! But, as Matti and Otto stand before the entrance, the Blue Wonder is closed. There's no money to renovate it. Where do they go now? The pool is the answer to every, yes every question in the summertime! Otto and Matti decide they've got to do something! In the end, the swimming pool belongs to everyone, especially the children. A summertime story with an urban setting about adults who give up too easily and kids that take charge. It's about endless summer days at the most beautiful swimming pool in the city and about how together, things go easier, even if once in a while someone has to break the rules.

Person Lambeck, Silke
Autor Lambeck, Silke
Genre Schule